About Us

We are Born Tasty and we exist to make your weekly shop as simple and fresh as can be. We’re proudly based in Birmingham, Witton to be exact, where we’ve been humbly delivering our fresh fruit and vegetables for 35 years. All our produce is ethically farmed and from sustainable sources and we also own our own farms in Worcestershire where we grow fantastic In Season British produce. 

Our Passion 
Time is precious and so are potatoes. So we take the time to select the best potatoes, pears or any produce and deliver to anyone that needs them. In these trying times, we can make dependable deliveries to your home, your office and your loved ones. There’s no need to queue, no empty shelves and no hunt for that elusive red pepper. We’ll pick it, pack it and pop it straight over to your place. Our Box Scheme is unique, because you choose what goes in it, not us. You can select from over 65 amazing items to create a box that is just right for you. 

Our Story:
Born Tasty is a part of a big happy family owned food company called Minor, Weir and Willis. MWW was acquired by Kewal Mehta back in 1974, who previously ran a small shop selling fresh produce from the markets to his local community.

*The original MWW wholesale market stall in 1965

The family are passionate about food and believe everyone should be able to access fresh fruit and veg. Minor Weir and Willis have played a major role in improving the health and diets of nearly 700,000 school children by supplying a scheme that gives a piece of fruit each day to all four to six year old children in the Midlands, London and the Home Counties. They have also cut tonnes of food waste and helped to provide 47,620 meals for people in need by harvesting and packing up ‘wonky’ fruit and vegetables to be redistributed across the UK by foodbank supporters, FareShare. During this time of uncertainty, particularly with regards to food variety and supply, the business has come full circle by developing its newest branch; Born Tasty. This new venture will bring our fresh produce directly to your door, just as Kewal Mehta did all those years ago.